Jack's Story 

On June 9, 2014 the Speichert family celebrated the 2nd birthday of their healthy, happy little boy.  He was non-stop and had boundless enthusiasm for life!  Just a short 39 days later, Jack’s parents received the devastating news that their vibrant little boy had an aggressive brain tumor.

Jack fought hard and gave it his all for the next 13 months.  Unfortunately, Cancer won the battle on August 22, 2015; but the Speichert family, along with Operation Super Jack refuse to let it win the war!

Your donation will help keep Jack’s  spirit and love for life alive by providing the necessary help, support and resources to  all pediatric patients with compromised immune systems. 

Our Vision

When a child has cancer, the fears are endless. Will they see their next birthday? Are they in pain? How will they feel when they lose  their hair? Will they ever learn their ABCs, addition, subtraction, how to read?  With these insurmountable fears, the last thing a parent needs to worry about is where to take their child when they spike a fever or catch a cough.

Children undergoing cancer treatments generally have compromised immune systems. Their parents fear that a simple trip to the grocery store could cause fatal germ exposure!   Imagine the terror those parents feel when their immunocompromised child shows signs of illness that require a visit to the local Emergency Room, full of illness and germs.

During Super Jack’s treatment at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, there was a “Medicine Room,” there to treat immunocompromised children who required urgent medical care. Super Jack’s parents knew he was safe there, and that they could take him in without the worry of exposing him to additional illnesses.  There is no such “safe zone” in the Omaha Metro area.

The goal of Operation Super Jack is to establish a safe zone in the Omaha Metro that will provide specialized urgent care treatment to all immunocompromised children; not only those with cancer but those who have had organ transplants, genetic disorders, or an array of  illnesses which weaken their immune systems.

Every child deserves to have a safe place to go when fever or illness strike. Operation Super Jack is joining forces with area medical professionals to determine the best possible location for such a place.  Your donation will help turn this vision into reality and keep Super Jack’s legacy alive.

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